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That meme thing...

Aug. 13th, 2005 | 08:27 pm

Top 10 fictional characters I would do and why, in no particular order:

1) Faramir, from "Lord of the Rings" (especially after his heroic, doomed charge as featured in Return of the King).
Because he's hot, he can fight, his daddy doesnt love him, and he's got that amazing poetic prince thing going on.

2) Edvard, Prince of Denmark, from "The Prince and Me."
Because he likes fast cars, knows how to party, and looks so good in a suit he should be illegal.

3) Julian Sark, from "Alias."
Becausehe's blond and British, drinks expensive aged wine, favors Armani,looks smooth even as he dodges bullets and even though he's technicallya bad guy, he is just so much sexier than Vaughn (who is a completepussy).

4) Harry Osborne, from the Spiderman movies.
Umhello....James Franco is one of the most gorgeous people alive, andHarry, besides being fabulously rich and good looking has to deal w/the fact that his best friend murdered his father. He's another onewhose daddy didn't love him. Awww.

5) Sebastian Valmont, from Cruel Intentions.
Becauseyou know for a fact he's good in bed, he drives the most amazing carever, and at the end of the movie he languishes around NYC in thatreally hot long black coat. (We never meet his daddy, but I'm sure hewasn't feeling the love).

6) Thomas Crown, from The Thomas Crown Affair (The Pierce Brosnan version)
Becausehe tipped a $100,000 yacht over just so he could see the splash, heroutinely steals art from the Metropolitan museum, and he dances akiller tango.

7) Hamlet, from Hamlet (The Ethan Hawke version)
Because his uncle is an asshole, and his mom is a whore, and his daddy didlove him, but is unfortunately dead. And Ethan Hawke glooms around thecity dressed in all black and looking so good that in the end youforget he's really a psycho murderer.

8) James Bond, from every James Bond movie ever made.
Becausehis name's "Bond, James Bond," he drinks his vodka martinis "shaken,not stirred," he always wins with cars, cards and women, and eventhough he sleeps w/ every female that moves, he has that tantalizingaloof, emotionally inaccessible quality that makes you want to getcloser.

9) Draco Malfoy, from the Draco Trilogy
Because he'shot hot hot, he has to make way too many hard choices, he lives in aManor, he's involved in a perpetual life-or-death struggle as well asembroiled in the magical equivalent of civil war and terrorism, and hisdaddy really really didn't love him (are we seeing a trend here?)

10) Francis Crawford, from the Lymond Chronicles (which zhenggy really needs to read if she hasn't already)
Becausehe's also ridiculously hot (blonde hair, blue eyes), unbelievablygraceful, and incredibly intelligent. He can sing, he can dance, he canfight, he speaks about 7 languages, he can juggle and tell riddles andcharm everyone he meets, he's one of those flawed heroes who uses hiswit and cutting comments to hide what's really going on inside. He'spretty much James Bond set in Scotland in the 16th century, and...waitfor it...his daddy didn't love him either!

So, in case y'allhavent picked up on my taste in men by now: I like them to come fromtortured family backgrounds, be completely emotionally fucked-up, butvery rich, talented, and good looking. If you know anyone who fits thebill, please give him my number.

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Aug. 12th, 2005 | 01:33 am

A little more than a month of summer left, and I'm well on my way to succeeding in life.

I've spent a lot of time figuring out my "how to succeed" strategy, and this is what I finally came up with: have all the attributes of the perfect trophy wife, without actually being a trophy wife.

So far, I have acquired the following trophy wife-worthy skills:
1) Sailing
2) Horseback riding
3) Ballroom dancing
4) Good posture (courtesy of #s 2 and 3)
5) Decent cooking and baking skills
6) Exquisite fashion sense (ha)
7) Tennis
8) Piano playing
9)I've practically swallowed my giant etiquette book, so I'm up to dateon using cutlery and being charming while answering the phone.
10) Reading (i'm trying to branch out from trashy romance novels, honestly)
11) French, the language of love and nutella

I figure the skills I still need to acquire include:
1) Skiing
2) Better game of golf
3) Knowledge of opera that goes beyond Gilbert and Sullivan
4) Entering and exiting cars without inevitaby tripping all over myself

Surelyonce I can do all these things, I will be well on my way to being atrophy wife? Please comment on this entry with other skills you think Ineed in order to achieve my goal. Also, what are the merits of flowerarranging in the grand scheme of things? And do trophy wives need toknow how to fence? or to knit?
What about self-defense skills, or are those reserved for secret agent types?

Finally,since I don't actually want to be a trophy wife (I just want to be ableto attract the men who want them), I need to work on finding a careerthat promises to be high powered and well paying. Thoughts?

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Jan. 16th, 2005 | 09:34 am

While every single person I know spent last night 1) dressing in sexyclothes 2) pre-gaming in pennypacker 3) hitting up a few upperclassparties 4) going to the spee and the AD 5) stumbling home at 5 thismorning, completely trashed, *I* was stuck in my room memorizing theconjugations to 118 Russian verbs.

How can my life suck this much??

Oh boy...can't believe I'm filling out the kissing meme!

Dec. 26th, 2004 | 06:10 pm

I have kissed someone...

on the cheek.
on the lips.
on their hands or fingers.
in my room.
in their room.

of the same sex. - yes, if on the cheek counts.
of the opposite sex.
younger than me. - again, yes for on the cheek
older than me.
with jet black hair.
with curly hair.
with blonde hair & blue eyes.
Ok, this one could use a little explaining. I've kissed someone withblonde hair and brown eyes, and someone with very light brown hair andblue eyes, so I figure - when you put them together, it counts.
with flaming red hair. The hair was closer to orange, but whatever.
with straight hair.
smaller/shorter than me.
bigger/taller than me.
with a lip ring.
who was drunk. Ha - they should add "who wasn't drunk" to this list.
who was high.
who I had just met.
who was homosexual.
who I didn't really want to kiss.
on a holiday.
who was going out with someone else.Oh boy have I done this. Repeatedly. And a word of warning to anyonewho might be reading this entry: DON'T DO IT! Do not kiss (or letyourself be kissed by) somebody who is already in a relationship!Especially not if this person is your best friend! That way leads toruin and doom.
who was going out with someone close to me.
who was my good friend's brother or sister.
who had been/is in jail.
in a graveyard.
at a show/concert.
at the beach.
in a pool, jacuzzi, or some type of water.
who was legally too young/old for me to have sex with. If I kissed a 22 year old while I'm only 17, does that count?
with dyed hair.
with a shaved head.
who was/is my good friend. Yes to this one. It relates very closely to "who was going out with someone else." What a life.
who was/is in a band.
who has tattoos.
who is of a completely different race than me.
in the rain.
in another continent besides where I was born.
with an accent. Three accents in fact. One guy w/ a Southern, one guy w/ an Irish, and one w/ a Canadian/French.
with an std.
on a boat.
in a car/taxi/bus.
on a plane.
at the circus/carnival.
with a missing body part.
in the movies.
eskimo style (I'm sorry, but how do the eskimos kiss?)

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Nov. 17th, 2004 | 04:20 am
mood: 4:20 dooooods

ok, the problem with guys is that they just cant ever make up their minds!

you dont get to have two girlfriends at once, boys. Please *pick* somebody, and then stop going back on your decision.

In other news, I'm uber uber happy, and my hair is the longest it's ever been.

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Nov. 16th, 2004 | 02:30 am

Thanks to everyone for all the super sweet comments on my last post. I love you guys!!!

But,as I predicted, it was just one of those blue wee hour posts, and I amnow completely back to my "I love Harvard and life" self.

Exceptfor one frightening change, which I'm a little nervous to announce onthis livejournal...I think I may be turning into a Republican.AHHHHH!!! It scares me too, but what with taking Ec 10 w/ MartyFeldstein (die hard conservative) and being best friends w/ someonefrom a red state (who actually manages to be nice funny and smart, aswell as republican), I can feel myself going over to the dark side. Somuch of the Republican platform makes sense to me, especially when Ithink about it in economic terms.

In another news, I have SOmuch work to do this week, which is irritating, because all my Harvardgirls were planning to start drinking tomorrow night in preparation forthe Harvard/Yale game this Saturday. If I have to stay in and doRussian homework instead of going out tomorrow, I'm going to cry.

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Oct. 10th, 2004 | 08:14 am

hungover hungover hungover

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Sep. 28th, 2004 | 12:46 pm

Ahhh! Just got my invitation to a finals club party.

Other than the fact it'll be 5 guys and 5000 skanky girls, it looks like so much fun.

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Sep. 26th, 2004 | 10:48 am

Realized that I have to stop getting back to my room at 5 am every morning, or I will die of sleep deprivation.

I'vebeen partying (surprise surprise) for what feels like the last threedays straight. It started out Thursday night at the finals club,continued into Friday when jolevsky came to visit, and reached aculmination yesterday night when I think I went to about 6 partiestotal, getting progressively more drunk. I've also become an expert atfending off drunk guys when they offer to walk you home. Never acceptthe offer, you will only end up trying to escape them at your doorwaywhile they attempt to persuade you that "it's such a warm night, whydon't you take your shirt off?"

The few moments when I wasn'tdrunk, I got my nails done with the girls. Today we're going in toBoston to eat at Marche. I can't wait to taste a steak again!!

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Sep. 24th, 2004 | 03:11 pm

I love love love love Harvard!!!

I love it so much, it's unbelievable.

I love my classes, I love my friends, all the people around me, the campus, the atmosphere, even the sad party scene.

Lastnight I neglected to do my Russian homework in favor of going out (on aThursday night gasp!) to a finals club. It was amazing. We managed toget ourselves onto the permanent invite list, so now we get to go toall the formals and stuff. Also, I've realized that each time I drink Ido something crazy.

The first time at college I hooked up withM---. The second time I ended up spending the night w/ a different guy.And the third time (yesterday), I danced on a table with a bunch ofpeople. Good times all.

In case my lj is starting to sound like"ramblings of an alcoholic" I assure you that I do not drinkexcessively. In fact, some of my best times w/ friends have involvedsitting around watching Alias or eating giant cannolis, or finishingoff a dozen Krispy Kremes and a pint of Ben and Jerry's between 2people.